SUBMERGED SOUNDS brings together a series of artworks by Kathy Hinde and collaborators, all centred around listening to water, and exploring underwater sound-worlds.

COMING SOON : RIVER ECHOES BRISTOL 2021 – a series of participatory Deep Listening Walks and a live, sound, music and film event on and under the waters of Bristol. Check for upcoming events HERE.

Water forms the arteries of the planet. We are 60% water. Water is a key ingredient for life, and a key catalyst for the origin of biological life on earth. What could be a deeper and more direct connection between the planet, other species and each other?

Listening closely instils a sense of connection with a location; an expanded experience of a place and the other species cohabiting there. Intense and immersive listening experiences have had a deep effect on how I relate to the non-human world and contributed to my increased sensitivity to the impact humans have on other species and the earths systems.